What Is A Midlife Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother – “noun: A generous benefactor.” AND “a female character in some fairy stories who has magical powers and can bring unexpected good fortune to the hero or heroine.”


You can become your own Midlife Fairy Godmother and awaken your authentic self, so you can arrive at 60, feeling like you’re 20, with the wisdom of 80, while leaving the legacy of “midlife empowerment” for future generations.

* Midlife Fairy Godmothers (MFGs) are creating a legacy of a “new middle age” for future generations. Baby boomers have redefined relationships, work, childbirth, and parenthood. Now, MFGs are redefining midlife as a transformative adventure of discovering our authentic self expression, reclaiming our freedom, reigniting our sense of wonder, and embarking on an amazing new beginning.

* A Midlife Fairy Godmother has come to the realization that she can no longer pretend that anyone other than herself is going to bring her the fulfillment she longs for.

* A Midlife Fairy Godmother is ready to be enchanted with life again, to get serious about taking herself lightly, and to learn how to play at life …… yes, even (or should I say, especially) at “serious things” like money, career, world peace, etc. A MFG intuitively knows that joy and play are the keys to life and the fountain of youth and wants to become the joy she wants to see in the world.

* A Midlife Fairy Godmother may have dimmed her own light in the first half of her life and is no longer willing to tolerate the black and white rendition of herself. In order to play full out in her second life, she is ready to experience the 3-D Technicolor rendition of herself.

* What Midlife Fairy Godmothers want more than anything is to live out their purpose by bringing joy and upliftment into the world. They are “heart warriors” who are continuously learning how to expand their capacity for joy…..knowing that joy is their North Star.

* A Midlife Fairy Godmother is an inner alchemist who is using every opportunity to turn her dramas into dreams and see her perceived weaknesses as actual strengths which just haven’t been upgraded YET!

* A Midlife Fairy Godmother wants to participate fully in society by shining her light and being authentic without selling out.

Are you ready to be a Midlife Fairy Godmother?

Take the Midlife Fairy Godmother Assessment to find out.

Answer YES or NO

1) You want to rediscover the inspired adventurer you wanted to be before you became the responsible adult you felt you had to be. (from Barbara Sher)

2) You want to live the second half of your life inspiring others to bring magic, joy, and wonder back into their lives.

3) You are willing to learn how to play big in the second half of your life, using your gifts and capacities to the fullest instead of playing small so that others won’t feel bad, take offense, make fun of you, or stop liking you.

4) You believe in following your inner wisdom vs. conventional wisdom.

5) You are a life-long learner.

6) You have a big heart and want to learn how to use it without getting depleted.

7) You are ready to get serious about taking yourself and life lightly even if it means pulling out of lifelong dramas.

8) You feel that you have learned a great deal from the first half of your life and you want to use that wisdom to thrive in the second half.

9) You have spent the first half of your life with others as your central focus (often at your expense) and you are ready to reinstate yourself as the center of your life.

10) You are willing to stop needing others or anything to change in order for you to live your life your way.

11) You are ready to stop pleasing people at your own expense.

12) You want to learn how to play hard at life and get energized by doing so.

13) A chapter of your life has closed and you are experiencing the loss of your old identity and familiar way of life.

14) You want to do something else besides look for what is wrong in yourself or your life and strive to fix it all the time.

15) You want to excavate the wisdom from the first half of your life.

16) All of your people issues are coming up and you are ready to create healthy boundaries, not walls, with others.

17) You are ready to do whatever it takes to experience a life that feeds your soul.

18) You are ready to receive and give support to other blossoming Midlife Fairy Godmothers.

19) You are ready to replace your “nice self” with your “authentic self”.

20) You are ready to discover your authentic self expression.

If you answered yes to 16 out of 20, Congratulations! You are ready to become a Midlife Fairy Godmother!

“There is someone remarkable inside of you, someone with a major role to play in the drama of your life, trying to tell you she hasn’t been on the scene yet.” Barbara Sher


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