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The Top 10 Challenges To Midlife Vitality For Women

The Top 10 Challenges To Midlife Vitality For Women

1) As grownups, most of us have actually programmed the possibility for joy out of our lives by seeking a “hassle-free” existence. We are constantly looking for comfort and security instead of something that will challenge and make us grow.

2) It takes a lot of courage to cultivate an attitude of play with the important and serious things in our adult life. But since joy is our North Star, we have to develop the discipline of joy and learn how to play at life again and stop taking ourselves so seriously.

3) Many of us became who we thought we should be according to the standards of others. We became “nice” vs. “authentic” without even realizing it.

4) We are relational human beings and are often afraid of how our decisions will affect others. Consequently, most of us have invested disproportionately in the dreams, lives, and plans of others, while obscuring and detouring our own.

5) Many of us have assumed that we are somehow inadequate and inferior because we aren’t able to achieve, have, or be what we want. Often enough, the problem is not us! We just lack “healthy” life skills, information, guidance, support, and role models.

6) We often avoid conflict and squelch ourselves because we weren’t shown how to communicate our needs and desires cleanly, gracefully, and lovingly – which is all we ever wanted anyway. “There’s nothing that will send a woman to the refrigerator quicker than an inability to stand up for herself.” Cheryl Richardson

7) Most of us never learned how to dress our own wounds. Life is a wild frontier, as well as an exciting adventure. We would never think of going on an extended hiking/camping adventure without having the equipment and knowing how to care for ourselves when get hurt!

8) We weren’t taught how to read our emotions as communication from our authentic self. We weren’t encouraged to listen to ourselves as much as we were advised to listen to others. Often enough, we were encouraged to ignore, squelch, and overcompensate for our strong emotions instead.

9) We ended up being part of other people’s life dramas because we fell blindly into them and it’s extremely hard to detach ourselves once we are in them. However, there are so many of us in this boat, that through supportive communities, we are learning how to raise each other up and experience the view from higher ground – get a broader perspective.

10) Many women are much more comfortable helping others with their problems than helping themselves. When they do start helping themselves and begin thriving, they may find out that some of their friends and family are threatened by their changes. Support is crucial during these times.
Enchanted Blessings ~
Daina (Dinah) Puodziunas

{Invitation} Join Me For Some Enchantment

There is still time to enjoy the simple pleasures, time to play, to laugh again and to recover the childlike wonder to view life as an adventure.

This is the difference between a hopeless frustration over things that make us feel out of control, and an active participation in being fully present to the greatest adventure of all….your midlife rite of passage where you start living from your Authentic Soul and break the spell of your Socialized Self. The choice is yours.

What if you could be supported and uplifted with a new perspective of your midlife challenges?

What if you were given the keys to enter an Enchanted Land in midlife?

What if what you are going through is a an opportunity to take this adventure into awakening a whole new self…your Authentic Soul?

By the wave of a wand, when you stop living from your Socialized Self and start living more and more from your Authentic Soul you will experience:

* A surge of new energy and passion for life because the blocks will be removed.

* You will finally learn how to love and accept yourself just as you are which will open doors you never knew existed.

* A new and exciting life will begin to build itself around you because you will be a vibrational match to it!

* You will discover your true voice, your passion, and your purpose for the second half of your life.

I would love to support you in your rite of passage to your Enchanted Land and begin to share the first steps to give attention to a part of you that hasn’t had it in a very long time.

Here is your invitation for a free tele-seminar & recording I am giving on Tuesday, November 5, from 8:00 – 9:30 PM Eastern Time. CLICK HERE

~ Enchanted Blessings Dear Women,

Daina (Dinah) Puodziunas ~ Midlife Fairy Godmother(tm)

Empowering smart, self aware women to transform their midlife challenges into a sacred rite of passage leading to a re-enchantment with life.

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