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Beginning My Journey To Self Empowerment In Midlife

Whether you have been with me for many years or have just joined me recently, you probably know some of the personal challenges that I experienced in midlife that made me feel like I fell into a deep, dark hole that I couldn’t get out of.

I didn’t resist those challenges, but actually used them as stepping stones to climb out and experience a complete transformation in body, mind, and spirit. I’m now 60 and living the life I have always dreamed of.

That’s why I’m taking this time to let you know that I am getting ready to send a series of emails with some new information to smart, self aware women in midlife (35 – 60 or so) who are wanting to transform their challenges into a very empowering sacred rite of passage.

I have been working all through the spring and summer on something that will free your true spirit and speak to your soul no matter what you are going through in your midlife transition.

I will begin sending the information in a couple of days so stay tuned to the five emails that will introduce you to the transformation that is possible on this sacred passage.

~ Enchanted Blessings Dear Women,
Daina (Dinah) Puodziunas ~ Midlife Fairy Godmother(tm)

Empowering smart, self aware women to transform their midlife challenges into a sacred rite of passage leading to a re-enchantment with life.

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