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20 Ways To {Become Your Own Best Friend} In Midlife & Self Love Call Thursday

Creating Midlife Magic For Second Half Enchantment

Our no cost monthly [Midlife Adventure Club Call] is Thursday, February 13,
8:00 – 9:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 Central, 6:00 Mountain, 5:00 Pacific. Email for number.

TOPIC: The first steps in becoming your own best friend. What are your greatest challenges with any of these?

Making the best out of a very cold, dark, snow driven winter here at Enchanted Lake in Michigan.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”
— Buddha

Dear Soul Sister…..Once you break free of the bondage of your Socialized Self which is what lead you away from your Authentic Soul, you will know a freedom that will make you feel like you have wings and you will finally be free!! Hugs…… Dinah
“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”

Rumi ♥
Three books that I highly recommend for getting help and insight on how to break the spell of your Socialized Self are:

1 “Too Good For Her Own Good” by Claudia Bepko & Jo Ann Krestan

2 ” There Is Nothing Wrong With You” by Cheri Huber

3 “Soul Love” and the other book by Sanaya Roman for highly sensitive people

20 Ways To
Become Your Own Best Friend

Become your own Fairy Godmother in midlife. If not now….when? Give your self permission to:

It’s our Socialized Selves that try to convince us that we don’t deserve these things, that they are selfish, that we haven’t proven ourselves yet, that we could fail again.

It will use everything in it’s power to keep you in a place of suffering. How ironic that its intentions are good! It is trying to keep you safe. And even if you are suffering, it is safe because it is familiar.

Becoming our own best friend means learning how to communicate with this self sabotaging part of ourselves in loving, compassionate ways. That’s how we break the spell and fly free!!

1) Acknowledge your achievements.

2) Eat well, sleep well, and take care of your self physically.

3) Don’t engage in other people’s dramas. Ask yourself as Byron Katie suggests: “Is it my business, their business, or God’s business?

4) Follow your passions no matter where they take you.

5) Listen to your own inner voice.

6) Take time to get quiet, experience inner peace, and observe thoughts without judgment.

7) Release the need to blame self and others.

8) Instead of listening to the reprimanding, shoulding, guilting voice….listen to your heart instead.

9) Compliment others and notice good things about them, it will soften your judgments about your self.

10) Accept your self exactly how you are, where you are, what you are, who you are….YOU ARE ENOUGH JUST AS YOU ARE!!

11) Know your own limits. Don’t always be the one who takes on responsibilities, says yes automatically etc.

12) Make your self a priority.

13) Have fun and enjoy life…’s ok to do so.

14) Change your mind.

15) When requests are made of you, get in the habit of saying: ” I don’t know, let me get back to you on that, or no, I don’t want to do that.”

16) Take up time and space.

17) Interpret every choice and experience you have, no matter what it is, as contributing positively to your life because you make it so (no matter what anyone else’s interpretation may be!)

18) Trust yourself even when you make “mistakes” or don’t know what to do immediately, or don’t know the answers.

19) Allow people to be disappointed about your choices and decisions.

20) Break personal commitments or promises if to keep them would be more harmful to self or others, ultimately, than keeping them..

In Love & And Awakening ~

Enchanted Blessings ~
Daina (DINAH) Puodziunas ~ Creating Midlife Magic For Second Half Enchantment Since 1994.

{Midlife Adventure Club} Monthly Call

Dear Midlife Adventure Club Women ~
Just about every woman goes through a set of challenging inner beliefs when it comes to acting on her own behalf.

How would you like to show up for yourself and act on your own behalf in 2014?
Is it in relationships? creative self expression? speaking up for yourself? taking some classes? training for a marathon? going out alone?

* Have you tried before and been disappointed?
* Does a small voice in your head always make you give up before you start?
* What happens when you try to take actions on your own behalf?

Partly because of my in depth training with Debbie Ford to become a shadow integration coach, I saw how midlife is the perfect time to break the bondage we experience from a part of ourselves (our Socialized Self). It holds us back and keeps us down because it doesn’t feel safe to show up for ourselves.

And because of my 5 year apprenticeship in Native American shamanism, I saw how this was an initiation into our wisdom years, how it was a very powerful, sacred and empowering passage into living from (our Authentic Soul.)

Becoming the free spirit that you long to be in midlife and beyond is the gift of this transformation. This is your Enchanted Land.

So let’s start talking about this via phone this month! I decided to begin holding the monthly (no cost) midlife adventure club calls again!! They WILL NOT be recorded.

You will be able to:
* listen from the comfort of your home
* share if you want and get coaching from me
* not feel alone with this anymore
* receive some valuable insights on how to move forward

WHEN?~ Tuesday January 14, 8:00 – 9:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 Central, 6:00 Mountain, and 5:00 Pacific.

Cost? ~ Free

Dial In Number? Email me: to get the number. It’s a long distance call.

Enchanted Blessings For 2014 ~
Daina (DINAH) Puodziunas ~ Creating Midlife Magic For Second Half Enchantment Since 1994.

Stay Out Of Family Dramas During The Holidays

Hi Dear,

I’m holding our Midlife Adventure Club tele-calls again!! If you are not part of the club and want to be it’s free and you can sign up here.

If you are feeling pulled in many directions right now and want some tips and support in establishing healthy boundaries so that your family doesn’t exhaust you this could be the thing that saves you this year!!

* If you are already part of the club email me: and put {Midlife Call} in the subject line.

* If you are NOT part of the club sign up at the link above.

I will then send you the phone number to use for our phone call on Monday, November 25, 8:00 – 8:45 Eastern time, 5:00 Pacific. It’s free except any long distance charges you may have.

Here’s an article to help you stay calm, energized, and enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday.

*~*~11 Steps ~ How To Keep Your Center During The Holidays *~*~

So often we find ourselves:

Doing things we really don’t want to do.
Feeling drained by the end of the day.
Wishing the holidays were behind us.
Dreading the one relative that pushes our buttons.
Feeling undervalued and unappreciated.

As we prepare to go and be with family today, here are some
tips on keeping centered, grounded, and preventing anyone
from pulling you off center.

We have tons of history with family, they know our buttons, our triggers and
what sets us off. They don’t mean to cause us harm or discomfort.

They are in familiar patterns with us and unconsciously are in the
comfort zone with those patterns. They want us to stay the same
and will do anything (which often involves using the knowledge about
our triggers and buttons) to manipulate us into being how they want
us to be and doing what they want us to do. Does this ring a bell?

Knowing this here are some suggestions.

1) Before you meet with them today, spend some time thinking
about why you want to be with them.

What makes them special to you?
What do you love about them?
Who would you like to spend time with today?
Who would you like to spend less time with?

2) Make a clear decision/intention to be with them and know why by
looking at the answers above. Making a clear decision aligns
our energy with the decision so there is not more “split energy”
where a part of us wishes we could get out of it and another
part of us feels guilty of selfish for feeling those feelings and
yet another part of us is resenting them and yet another part of
us………and on and on the “story goes.”

3) Decide to create a new story starting today.
Before you go reflect on the ways that you get sucked
into games, manipulations, obligations etc.

What triggers get pressed?
Lots of times we start to feel selfish, ungrateful, self centered, arrogant, self consumed……..etc.

How do they get triggered?
What behaviors, words, looks trigger the above responses from deep within us.

What are three new ways to respond vs. react to those triggers?
Feel them out and decide to try something new today.

4) Before you see them, get grounded in your new perspective and story.
Give your new story a name. Here’s mine: “Dinah Sets Herself Free.”

5) Stay in the feeling place of this centered perspective by “re-setting”
your inner vibrational meter when needed.

6) When you notice your triggers are getting set off, “re-set” your meter,
take a breath, and CHOOSE TO RESPOND DIFFERENTLY. Responding means
choosing and the vibration of choosing is totally different that the vibration
of reacting..

7) Be honest with yourself. Ask your self is you really want to do what is
requested of you.

8) Be especially aware of your tone of voice when responding to them.
People do not hear our words as much as the tone and energy in our words.

9) Don’t explain yourself to them. They don’t need to know the details of
why you are or are not responding to them they way that they are want you to
and are used to you doing.

10) Enjoy the entire day through “compassionate detachment”….like you
are watching a movie, watching the characters including your self without
any judgment, just a curious observation.

11) Give yourself a treat at the end of the day for being willing to go outside
of your comfort zone and take care of yourself.


Enchanted Blessings ~

Daina (DINAH) Puodziunas ~

The Top 10 Challenges To Midlife Vitality For Women

The Top 10 Challenges To Midlife Vitality For Women

1) As grownups, most of us have actually programmed the possibility for joy out of our lives by seeking a “hassle-free” existence. We are constantly looking for comfort and security instead of something that will challenge and make us grow.

2) It takes a lot of courage to cultivate an attitude of play with the important and serious things in our adult life. But since joy is our North Star, we have to develop the discipline of joy and learn how to play at life again and stop taking ourselves so seriously.

3) Many of us became who we thought we should be according to the standards of others. We became “nice” vs. “authentic” without even realizing it.

4) We are relational human beings and are often afraid of how our decisions will affect others. Consequently, most of us have invested disproportionately in the dreams, lives, and plans of others, while obscuring and detouring our own.

5) Many of us have assumed that we are somehow inadequate and inferior because we aren’t able to achieve, have, or be what we want. Often enough, the problem is not us! We just lack “healthy” life skills, information, guidance, support, and role models.

6) We often avoid conflict and squelch ourselves because we weren’t shown how to communicate our needs and desires cleanly, gracefully, and lovingly – which is all we ever wanted anyway. “There’s nothing that will send a woman to the refrigerator quicker than an inability to stand up for herself.” Cheryl Richardson

7) Most of us never learned how to dress our own wounds. Life is a wild frontier, as well as an exciting adventure. We would never think of going on an extended hiking/camping adventure without having the equipment and knowing how to care for ourselves when get hurt!

8) We weren’t taught how to read our emotions as communication from our authentic self. We weren’t encouraged to listen to ourselves as much as we were advised to listen to others. Often enough, we were encouraged to ignore, squelch, and overcompensate for our strong emotions instead.

9) We ended up being part of other people’s life dramas because we fell blindly into them and it’s extremely hard to detach ourselves once we are in them. However, there are so many of us in this boat, that through supportive communities, we are learning how to raise each other up and experience the view from higher ground – get a broader perspective.

10) Many women are much more comfortable helping others with their problems than helping themselves. When they do start helping themselves and begin thriving, they may find out that some of their friends and family are threatened by their changes. Support is crucial during these times.
Enchanted Blessings ~
Daina (Dinah) Puodziunas

{Invitation} Join Me For Some Enchantment

There is still time to enjoy the simple pleasures, time to play, to laugh again and to recover the childlike wonder to view life as an adventure.

This is the difference between a hopeless frustration over things that make us feel out of control, and an active participation in being fully present to the greatest adventure of all….your midlife rite of passage where you start living from your Authentic Soul and break the spell of your Socialized Self. The choice is yours.

What if you could be supported and uplifted with a new perspective of your midlife challenges?

What if you were given the keys to enter an Enchanted Land in midlife?

What if what you are going through is a an opportunity to take this adventure into awakening a whole new self…your Authentic Soul?

By the wave of a wand, when you stop living from your Socialized Self and start living more and more from your Authentic Soul you will experience:

* A surge of new energy and passion for life because the blocks will be removed.

* You will finally learn how to love and accept yourself just as you are which will open doors you never knew existed.

* A new and exciting life will begin to build itself around you because you will be a vibrational match to it!

* You will discover your true voice, your passion, and your purpose for the second half of your life.

I would love to support you in your rite of passage to your Enchanted Land and begin to share the first steps to give attention to a part of you that hasn’t had it in a very long time.

Here is your invitation for a free tele-seminar & recording I am giving on Tuesday, November 5, from 8:00 – 9:30 PM Eastern Time. CLICK HERE

~ Enchanted Blessings Dear Women,

Daina (Dinah) Puodziunas ~ Midlife Fairy Godmother(tm)

Empowering smart, self aware women to transform their midlife challenges into a sacred rite of passage leading to a re-enchantment with life.

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