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I just love tele-classes!! I was shocked how much value I get from participating in them. At first I thought they would not be as impactful as “in person” classes. Boy was I wrong! I attended my first coaching school with Debbie Ford and 60 people from all over the world for a year and a half and it was magic! That’s where I got the idea for my nine month school!!

~* 1. No traffic jams; no wasted, extra commuting time, no parking hassles, weather or travel worries!!

~* 2. You can participate from a telephone anywhere.

~* 3. You can dress as you wish, come in your worst hair, even your pajamas!

~* 4. You can be sitting comfortably, even in bed and really focus with ease.

~* 5. Friends in any location, no matter how far apart can participate together.

~* 6. You can connect with people from all over the world and from many backgrounds who share a common interest.

~* 7. It’s a convenient, relaxed, continuous learning experience at a fraction of the cost of conventional self development education workshops, programs, and classes.

~* 8. It accommodates your schedule and you don’t need to spend extra time getting there and coming home.

~* 9. Low long distance rates make tele-classes more affordable than commuting.

~* 10. You are pioneering a new wave of the future!!!


11 Things To Know About Tele-class Etiquette (the scoop on this exciting new way of learning)

  1. Each week materials will be emailed to you. All you need is to be able to receive and send emails! You also need to use a land line instead of a cell phone or speaker phone. They tend to bring a lot of static.
  2. We will have an hour long call each week using a conference line. All you need is a regular telephone. This will be a long distance call. With long distance 10 10 numbers, low competing rates from carriers, and online places like where you can pay as little as 1 cent per minute plus a small connect fee of 50 cents or less.
  3. It is very important for you to call on time and prepare your environment! Please prepare your environment ahead of time and call at the top of the hour. We all want to be on the same page and I don’t want to have to go over anything. Prepare your environment by telling others to not disturb you. Be aware that the slightest noise in your environment will be heard by the rest of the group!!
  4. Please make sure to set aside some time after the class to absorb what you gained from the class. Get a journal to record insights, questions, ideas, dreams. I call it an Adventurer’s Log!
  5. Before you speak, always state your name first so that each of us knows who is taking. I am the only one who will not be doing that unless you have a hard time distinguishing my voice.
  6. You will have exercises to complete before each class. I will be asking you to email me your answers before each class. This step in accountability always helps keep us on track..believe me. I might not have time to read everything, but that’s ok.
  7. During the actual class time, I will do some lecture and combine it with questions. Each class will be interactive that way. You do not need to speak up much if you don’t want to, but it’s really what tele-classes are all about since we can’t see each other. And to those of you who love to talk…I will want you to really try and condense your answers so that we can make the best use of our time together.
  8. I will also be guiding you in at least one inner journey. I find this process enormously helpful in bypassing the judgmental, rational, ego self and getting to the heart and soul of answers for ourselves. I’ve done it over the phone countless times with clients and small groups…it works!! I’m putting out a CD some time this year with a variety of journeys for various results.
  9. Sometimes I have the class taped and available for others. I will let you know ahead of time if we do. You will also be able to listen to if you have to miss a class for any reason. I will ask you to sign a release form before class starts.
  10. I don not release the email addresses of attendees to the rest of the class. Group members are never under any obligation to exchange information with other members unless the desire is mutual. So, if you want to work with a buddy to help keep each other on track and support each other, I will support you in doing that.
  11. I will be available for free brief 15 minute support coaching sessions, which include, processing, a different perspective, brainstorming, helping you get unstuck and so on.



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