My Life Fell Apart At 51~ Here’s What I Did

Nine years ago I left a 10 year relationship that was draining me financially and emotionally.

Even though I am a smart, self aware, conscious woman like yourself, I found myself in a huge midlife crisis. I had been working in the field of women’s empowerment my entire life, trained with Debbie Ford to become a Shadow Integration Coach(tm) and much more so it was extremely humbling!!

It was a huge wake up call showing me that I was living from my Socialized Self and not my Authentic Soul.

* I had confused self confidence with arrogance.
* I was dimming my own light in order for him to feel good.
* I was far more comfortable giving than receiving.

Some of the very first steps I did in order to crawl out of the situation I found myself in were:

* I took back my power and energy by affirming that I was not broken, had done nothing wrong, and that this was a Midlife Sacred Rite of Passage.

* I connected with a part of myself that would grant me permission to start being true to myself, find my own voice again, and begin a path of self love. I called this my Midlife Fairy Godmother.

* I made a strong intention to learn how to love and care for myself the way that I cared for others.

* I started to take baby steps to begin living from my Authentic Soul.

Can you relate to anything that I’ve shared with you in this email? Is there a challenge that you are going through in your life that you feel may be a wake up call?

I would LOVE to hear from you! Please send an email to:

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~ Enchanted Blessings Dear Women,

Daina (Dinah) Puodziunas ~ Midlife Fairy Godmother(tm)

Empowering smart, self aware women to transform their midlife challenges into a sacred rite of passage leading to a re-enchantment with life.

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