Jan. 2014 Midlife Fairy Godmother News

Our Jan. 2014 Midlife Adventure Club Call ~ Here’s The Audio For You To Listen To. You will have to copy and paste this in your browser.  http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/Wzx1pQ6Q

Enchanted Blessings in 2014. May it bring you healing and upliftment in mind, body, and spirit.

Studies have shown that when women come together in supportive groups Oxycontin (the same chemical that is released when breastfeeding and lovemaking) is released within each woman. It’s powerful and amazingly healing!

Just about every woman goes through a set of challenging inner beliefs when it comes to acting on her own behalf.

How would you like to show up for yourself and act on your own behalf in 2014?
Is it in relationships? creative self expression? speaking up for yourself? taking some classes? training for a marathon? going out alone?

* Have you tried before and been disappointed?
* Does a small voice in your head always make you give up before you start?
* What happens when you try to take actions on your own behalf?

Partly because of my in depth training with Debbie Ford to become a shadow integration coach, I saw how midlife is the perfect time to break the bondage we experience from a part of ourselves (our Socialized Self). It holds us back and keeps us down because it doesn’t feel safe to show up for ourselves.

And because of my 5 year apprenticeship in Native American shamanism, I saw how this was an initiation into our wisdom years, how it was a very powerful, sacred and empowering passage into living from (our Authentic Soul.)

Are you ready to become your own Fairy Godmother in midlife and:
* grant yourself permission to enter the portal to your unlimited possibilities?
* break the trance of your Socialized Self?
* become the free spirit you have been longing to be?

Then sign up for the “Portal to Midlife Re~Enchantment” tele-class starting next week Tuesday, Jan. 28 @ 8:00 EST.

I wanted to add some encouragement for you to do this so here’s my special offers.

——> THE FIRST FOUR WOMEN TO SIGN UP FOR THE TELE-CLASS will get a free book “Entering The Age of Elegance” by Chloe Jon Paul in the mail.


COPY AND PASTE THIS IN YOUR BROWZER FOR DETAILS: http://www.midlifefairygodmothers.com/portal-to-midlife-reenchantment/[/hilight]

Enchanted Blessings For 2014 ~
Daina (DINAH) Puodziunas
http://www.Midlifefairygodmothers.com ~ Creating Midlife Magic For Second Half Enchantment Since 1994.

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