{Invitation} Join Me For Some Enchantment

There is still time to enjoy the simple pleasures, time to play, to laugh again and to recover the childlike wonder to view life as an adventure.

This is the difference between a hopeless frustration over things that make us feel out of control, and an active participation in being fully present to the greatest adventure of all….your midlife rite of passage where you start living from your Authentic Soul and break the spell of your Socialized Self. The choice is yours.

What if you could be supported and uplifted with a new perspective of your midlife challenges?

What if you were given the keys to enter an Enchanted Land in midlife?

What if what you are going through is a an opportunity to take this adventure into awakening a whole new self…your Authentic Soul?

By the wave of a wand, when you stop living from your Socialized Self and start living more and more from your Authentic Soul you will experience:

* A surge of new energy and passion for life because the blocks will be removed.

* You will finally learn how to love and accept yourself just as you are which will open doors you never knew existed.

* A new and exciting life will begin to build itself around you because you will be a vibrational match to it!

* You will discover your true voice, your passion, and your purpose for the second half of your life.

I would love to support you in your rite of passage to your Enchanted Land and begin to share the first steps to give attention to a part of you that hasn’t had it in a very long time.

Here is your invitation for a free tele-seminar & recording I am giving on Tuesday, November 5, from 8:00 – 9:30 PM Eastern Time. CLICK HERE


~ Enchanted Blessings Dear Women,

Daina (Dinah) Puodziunas ~ Midlife Fairy Godmother(tm)



Empowering smart, self aware women to transform their midlife challenges into a sacred rite of passage leading to a re-enchantment with life.

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