Getting Your Crown E-Course

“Getting Your Crown ~ Discovering Your Authentic Self In Midlife”

Four Week E- Course and Audio of Women Taking The Tele-class



Many of us are experiencing a wake up call that we have lost our connection to our authentic self. We often feel like we don’t know who we are anymore, don’t know what we want or how to find out. Many women feel like they are lost in a kind of limbo that feels empty.

This e-course is designed to help you discover what excites and delights you. It guides you on a magical journey of self discovery to excavate your talents, values, passions and strengths. When we begin to discover these things it raises our energy, gives us vitality, helps reveal our purpose, boosts our immune system and much more.

When we know who we are at our authentic core, we get reconnected to our center and feel at home in our own skin. We have an easier time coming back to center when we feel jerked out of it through life’s challenges. We also have an energetic foundation to design the second half of our life on.


What You Will Have At The End Of This E-Course


* You will have a life purpose statement that will make you come alive.

* You will have created an Authentic Self Mandala to use like a vision board attracting more and more of what feeds your true spirit.

* You will have a list of talents, dreams, interests, passions, and strengths that have gotten buried from years of living and doing for others.


This e-course is part of The Third Gateway To Midlife Re-Enchantment(tm) process. The gateways do not have to be taken in any order.


What women from previous tele-classes had to say:


The support group brought out in me a desire to be creative.

I’ve started doing altered art and am having a ball with it!

I try and work on my art pieces at least once a week and the rest of the time I’m dreaming and creating in my mind!

I love watching unexpected things come out of nowhere!” ~ Kim


“I run young women’s groups in our local high schools and have been

able to use a lot of the insights we’ve discovered in our group for them.

I’m thrilled to be able to share what I am learning with these young women.” ~ Louise


“I must say I enjoyed it more than any other teleclass I have taken because it gave me tangible, intangible

gifts that I can take with me; i.e., it gave me nuggets of insight into myself that I had not recognized before.

As a holistic divorce lawyer I have many clients that I feel would benefit from your class and I intend to recommend it to them.It is a great way to inspire and empower someone finding their way in “midlife!” ~ Mindy


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