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By Daina (Dinah) Puodziunas

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First Half Wisdom
Into Second Half Bliss
by Daina Puodziunas

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

Soren Kierkegaard

The unexamined life is not worth living.


The old rules of midlife no longer fit us. Our midlife is not our mother’s midlife by any stretch of the imagination. Once again, our generation is on the leading edge of change in our society. It’s not an easy place to be, but it is certainly an exciting place. I encourage you to refuse to listen to the media’s twist on age and claim your power by creating and playing by your own rules instead.

Midlife women are using this time to reflect, rethink, release, renew, rewire and refresh their lives. This is an amazingly powerful time in history and in your own personal midlife herstory as well. What I want to focus on in this issue is step #1 of the “6 Steps To Midlife Magick ™ For Second Half Bliss” – a wonderful formula for what I call inner alchemy. Which is exactly what it is. We are turning lead into gold.

Do you find yourself asking, “Have I done the right thing with my life?” This question can become a source of nagging worry and can even breed self doubt which can poison the second half of your life. The answer is; of course you have. Your life reflects your originality in how you have responded to everything you have encountered. If you don’t appreciate what you’ve done with your life so far, it deserves closer examination.

Even if you decide to make radical changes, there’s a logic in your past choices that gives you important clues to what is important to you and to who you are deep down in your soul. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and coming to that realization can bring you an enormous amount of peace and freedom.

Everything was educating you in your first half. The point in midlife is to excavate this wisdom and make it conscious because most of it has been unconscious. The next step is to understand that now you can create something first-rate from this knowledge in your second half.

I believe that sharing our stories with each other and excavating the wisdom found within them is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves, each other and the world in midlife. I felt like a failure at many things in my life, had tons of guilt and was very unforgiving of myself until I began to extract the pearls which wouldn’t be there without the irritant of the sand. That irritant can be a bad relationship, bad work environment or bad choices.

I’ve lead what appears to be a very strange kind of life to many people and I felt a bit vulnerable sharing it especially here in the Midwest. But there is an affirmative phrase that I created for myself which goes: “I have the courageous vulnerability of a heart warrior.” Love that!

One of my challenges is a very active mind coupled with very strong emotions. This has caused me great anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive worry and guilt. Having some very challenging people in my life only fueled the fire. Yikes! This then led to an autoimmune disease and seizures.

What I learned was that because of this powerful combination, I am able to focus on and manifest things that I want in my life. I had to learn how to take these “irritants” that felt like a curse I got from two parents that are extremely artistic, sensitive, smart, quick and intuitive and learn how to focus them in a positive way. I also learned how I could harness the power of my mind and emotions to heal myself without any medications. Because of my experiences I am the perfect guide to help women navigate their midlife passage.

What wisdom can you extract from the first half of your life? Think of it as an exciting expedition and then share bits and pieces of it with other women. We need each to blossom in our second half. We really do… and sharing stories is the most powerful way of doing this! Check out the web site of the month (below) and how Dotsie Bregel is assisting women in doing just that.

Enchanted Wisdom

Six coaching questions for excavating the wisdom from the first half of your life:

1. When have you experienced a challenging, painful or difficult time in your life that ended up being a blessing in disguise?

2. What did you end up learning how to do?

3. What was the belief about yourself or life that ended up getting transformed?

4. What was the new belief that ended up being created?

5. How did this experience help you later on in your life?

6. How did it help you move outside your comfort zone?

Daina Puodziuna (Dinah – Midlife Fairy Godmother) has an online business providing midlife crisis coaching and Tele-Class
s to women who are ready to experience the magic of rebirth and renewal in midlife. She has studied with Debbie Ford and at Coachville to become a life coach. Her website is She can be reached at




This article was published on Jennifer Louden’s site.  Jennifer Louden is owner of Comfort Queens Inc. You can view this on her site at:




The doctor said it was rheumatoid arthritis combined with seizures. He said that the way things were progressing I would find myself in a wheelchair in less than two years. I was in my late thirties, a single supermom of two daughters, solopreneur, and actively involved with designing alternative healing/empowerment ceremonies and practices for women. Little did I know that I would be using every ounce of knowledge imparted to others for myself.

The doctor’s words shot terror into my veins. Until that day I treated myself like I was immortal. I drove myself like many women do. I literally chopped wood to heat my solar efficient home which I designed and helped build on 40 breathtaking acres on a private lake in rural Michigan. I was so proud of all that I had accomplished and it all felt like it was going to be taken away from me. The thought of never being able to dance again brought enormous heartache.

I realized that in a healthy society we would have places for people to go and be totally nourished and cared for when they hit bottom like I did. But our society is big on patching people up quickly, taking care of symptoms and sending them back out into their lives again …until the next problem surfaces. So I decided to give myself what my society didn’t have to offer in the form of a midlife sabbatical. It was my gift to myself.

After my daughters went to live with their father I stopped my contemporary life. I owned my home so I took out a home equity loan and simplified my life tremendously. I literally unplugged from society: no newspapers, no television for five years. I left unhealthy relationships, and reexamined my entire life. I read hundreds of books and wrote nearly as many journals.

Nature has always been my church and my home was cradled by her. I meditated on the words of my beloved mystics with walking meditations. I learned how to be in the silence and not resist the pain which was horrendous, but to accept it and go into it as I did in natural childbirth. I knew I could trust my mind/body/spirit/ nature connection now as well.

As the years of the sabbatical went by, I began to experience a peace that I never knew before. When I didn’t resist the pain, it felt like someone was taking it and replacing it with warmth, love, compassion. The more I was able to stop any resistance and let it go into what felt like the hands of the Divine Mother, the less pain there was.

The seizures stopped early on and I was slowly becoming pain free. I continued to use the mind/body/spirit/nature connection by combining healing music which stimulated certain areas of the brain with visual art. My body’s response was amazing. At times it felt like waves of ecstasy were moving through my veins.

I kept being drawn inward to what I call the inner beloved, literally the love of my life, breath of my breath, bone of my bone… the essence of who I am as a soul. It was there that I met my inner goddess/divine mother. She revealed herself to me one day in a vision. I saw myself playing on the beach as a little girl. I heard some loud clapping and looked up to see where it was coming from. There was a fairy godmother perched up on a cliff.

She looked like a grandmother with wings. The minute I laid my eyes on her, I could feel a love so huge, so unconditional that it filled every cell of my body. She was delighting in my every move, my every breath, my presence. There was nothing I needed to do to have her love, just be myself, playing and dancing on the beach. I realized that I was having the experience that each and every human being longs for…to be accepted and delighted in just for being human.

One day while I fell asleep cradled in her arms, I dreamt she christened me Daina, Song of Joy. Daina, pronounced Dinah, is my real name which means song in Lithuanian. She told me her name was Sasha. The greatest thing that I learned in my healing was that joy is the reason we are alive. We were created to enjoy this earth and in this way we give the greatest thanks we are able to give to our Creator. The Creator delights in our joys…our dancing, creating, and playing. Our goal in life is to become as little children using the trials and challenges we experience in finding our way back home.

I kept experiencing Sasha in my visions and she has guided me in my second career helping women access and work with these types of inner archetypes to heal, to receive inner wisdom, and to learn how to play again in midlife. I turned 50 this year and I designed Midlife Fairy Godmother Enterprises and am dancing and playing every step of the way!

Daina (Dinah) Puodziunas is provides telephone coaching, workshops, and small groups for women who are starting over in midlife because of divorce, job loss, illness, empty nest, or other forms of midlife crisis. Sign up for her free e-newsletter at,


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