The Four Gateways to Re-Enchantment (TM) Programs

The time-tested Four Gateways To Re~Enchantment(TM) Programs:

What’s Waiting For You In Your New Enchanted Land

I created this process eight years ago and have been teaching it to hundreds of women since then with amazing results.

When you become your own Midlife Fairy Godmother, you will experience a surge of new energy and a passion for life because the blocks will be removed. Your capacity to experience joy will be expanded tremendously and your eyes will be opened to many new ways you can enjoy life right where you are. You will finally learn how to love and accept yourself just as you are which will open doors you never know existed. A new, exciting life will begin to build itself around you because you will be a vibrational match to it.

Women who have gone through the Four Gateways To Re ~ Enchantment Process have experienced amazing turnarounds.

*A draining relationship became a powerful opportunity for deeper intimacy for one woman, resulting in a love that formed far beyond what she had ever imagined.

* What appeared to be a dead-end job became the incentive one woman needed to do pursue her dream job. The doors were opened to welcome her into a fulfilling new career.

* What was initially a tragedy of loss and foreclosure eventually fulfilled one woman’s dream to write, travel, and create and sell her art.

When one woman granted herself permission to look beyond her beliefs of what she could be, have, and do she bought her first home.

* One woman was beginning to close herself off from the world and even fearing she was becoming agoraphobic.  After taking all of the four gateways, getting coaching, and being part of the Wednesday support groups she is now holding her own women’s groups, entertaining, and loving life!


Our Journey Begins with an Orientation of Adventure

Our journey is not about the challenging situations we are in; it is about how we approach situations that matter. It is our “come from” place. Everything else that we think, do, feel, or experience will be colored and influenced by our orientation to life. The greatest orientation is that of adventure. It may take a while to grow into this way of navigating midlife and its challenges, but it is worth it. Once you begin, you will wonder why you never looked at your life in this way.


There is still time to enjoy the simple pleasures, time to play, to laugh again, to recover childlike wonder and to view life as an adventure. The challenge–and one of the main keys–is to stop waiting for our trials to pass, but to begin viewing this entire rite of passage as an empowering adventure. The orientation that we take will color our entire experience. This is the difference between a hopeless frustration over things that make us feel out of control, and an active participation in being fully present to the great adventure. The choice is always ours.


How the programs work:
You are free to work the programs on your own or participate in support group calls, Yahoo group, coaching etc.
You will receive weekly lessons sent to you in an email.
You will have access to support group calls every other week on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every moth from 8:00 – 9:00 PM Eastern time via the phone and a special number that you can call into.
You will receive recordings of each call in an email every other week.
You will have access to our own private yahoo group for support and sharing.
What you will get from the programs:
GATEWAY ONE ~ Getting Your Wings - Getting Unstuck:
Using mindfulness and awareness techniques, this gateway helps you break the spell of what is keeping you stuck. You will set your self free by setting healthy boundaries with others while reclaiming your energy, time, and space. You will feel yourself sitting in the drives seat of your life and begin experiencing a paradigm shift in how you are relating to life.

GATEWAY TWO ~ Getting Your Crystal Ball -Seeing Challenges Through New Eyes:
In this exciting gateway you will experience the soft inner power of shifting your perspectives, questioning your own assumptions and beliefs, and creating a new conscious story to live by.You will understand why 90% of what matters in life is how you respond to what is happening and not what is actually happening.

GATEWAY THREE ~ Getting Your Crown - Discovering your Authentic Self:
You will excavate many inner treasures that have been buried through years of living.You will discover what excites and delights you and be guided on a magical journey of self discovery to excavate your talents, values, passions and strengths.When we begin to discover these things it raises our energy, gives us vitality,helps reveal our purpose, boosts our immune system and is the internal fountain of youth! Check out the “Getting Your Crown” e-course in the links on the right.

GATEWAY FOUR ~ Getting Your Wand – Learning The Art of Manifesting:
You will experience the enchantment of co-creating with the universe and the nuts and bolts of manifesting desires. You will understand how to align with your desires in mind, body, emotions, and spirit so that you can be in complete harmony with the law of attraction.


What members of previous groups had to say:

I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. You have really been a HUGE help in my moving forward after sooooooo many years of being stuck. That’s why I keep encouraging other women I know to check out The Four Gateways To Re~Enchantment, I know that your Gateways work!” Marylee Farrell, Artist


“I just wanted to say thank you for the group. This group is literally a life saver to some of us.
Thank you for bringing us together!! I’ve had breakthrough after breakthrough and I know it is because of the incredible sacred, loving, supportive space we have created.Teresita
“The Midlife Support Group was magical! I discovered a sense of personal power that I never knew existed in me. The wisdom and experiences that the women shared gave me the “permission” I needed to move forward in my life. The connection I experienced with these women was something I never expected from a phone support group but it was powerful and real. It amazes me how a group of women who never knew one another could bond and support each other in such a meaningful way.” Kim, Naturopath

“What this group gives us is support to venture into the unknown. With this group they are with you all the time. You go to do something, stop yourself because it is out of your comfort zone and ask yourself what would the group say. You feel the support internally, as if you are being held up by a group of wonderful friends.” Sarah, Teacher

If you have questions please email them to me at I would be happy to talk to you  on the phone as well. Just let me know and we can set up a time.




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