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Are You Tired Of Watching Everyone Else Go To The Ball?

Do You Wish The Second Half Of Your Life Could Be Different?

Are You Feeling Guilty, Selfish, Stuck, And Scared
When You Try To Make Your Dreams Come True?

“I’m gonna dance upon this earth, I’m gonna find joy in all this madness…right here now, feeling free!” Song from the Burns Sisters

* Is your dream spiritual fulfillment, creative self expression, an ideal lifestyle or career, but you’re uncomfortable making yourself a priority in your life….even though you have given endlessly to others?

* Are you starting over in middle age because of retirement, empty nest, or a crisis and keep secretly wishing someone…..an agent (guardian angel), mentor (fairy godmother), or publisher (prince) would come along and make your dreams come true for your second life?

* Do you have a perfect idea or dream in your head, but find yourself procrastinating and self-sabotaging when moving from ideas into manifesting actions?

Most women give up at this point because of overwhelm, isolation, and fear.  Don’t let this happen to you!

Why is it so hard for women to move ahead with their dreams in midlife?

Without knowing it, most of us have bought into the belief that putting ourselves last is somehow noble, courageous, virtuous, even saintly! I call this the Cinderella Archetype. We have also become our own task masters. Goals, projects, work and life in general has become a series of tasks and shoulds instead of things that activate and focus our life force. We are in familiar territory when it comes to selfless giving even when it’s at great expense to us. This is constantly reinforced by our society.

If we want to enter the Enchanted Land of our dreams and become the queen of our queendom, we have to enter new territory. We have to hold ourselves in high regard and learn to give to ourselves as much as we give to others.

In order to move forward, you will need to learn how to stretch outside the security of your comfort zone and give yourself permission to become your own Fairy Godmother.

“About Becoming”
For a long time I felt like a Cinderella
with my reality among the cinders
while I fantasized about the glass slipper.
Nothing was accomplished
until I learned I could be
my own fairy godmother
And all things became possible.
Theta Burke

No amount of seminars, affirmations, prayers, or teachers will get you out of your familiar territory and into your Enchanted Land unless you give yourself permission to become your own Fairy Godmother (the Wise Crone) and break the spell of the Cinderella Complex.

Become the adventurous spirit you wanted to be….before you became the responsible adult you felt you had to be.

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The dictionary defines a Fairy Godmother as: “A generous benefactor…..a female character in some fairy stories who has magical powers and can bring unexpected good fortune to the hero and heroine.”

In order to set yourself free to be, do, and have your heart’s desires, I have created:



A time tested, transformational process for women 35- to become their own Midlife Fairy Godmothers(tm) ~ An empowering modern mythic archetype for answering your own wake up call to thrive as the Queen of your self in midlife.

GATEWAY ONE~ Getting Your Wings-Getting Unstuck: Using mindfulness  and awareness techniques, this gateway helps you break the spell of what is keeping you stuck. You will set your self free by setting healthy boundaries with others while reclaiming your energy, time, and space. You will feel yourself sitting in the drives seat of your life and begin experiencing a paradigm shift in how you are relating to life.

GATEWAY TWO ~ Getting Your Crystal Ball -Seeing Challenges Through New Eyes: In this exciting gateway you will experience the soft inner power of shifting your perspectives, questioning your own assumptions and beliefs, and creating a new conscious story to live by.You will understand why 90% of what matters in life is how you respond to what is happening and not what is actually happening.

GATEWAY THREE ~ Getting Your Crown -Discovering your Authentic Self: You will excavate many inner treasures that have been buried through years of living.You will discover what excites and delights you and be guided on a magical journey of self discovery to excavate your talents, values, passions and strengths.When we begin to discover these things it raises our energy, gives us vitality,helps reveal our purpose, boosts our immune system and is the internal fountain of youth! Check out the “Getting Your Crown” e-course in the links on the right.

GATEWAY FOUR ~ Getting Your Wand -Learning The Art of Manifesting: You will experience the enchantment of co-creating with the universe and the nuts and bolts of manifesting desires. You will understand how to align with your desires in mind, body, emotions, and spirit so that you can be in complete harmony with the law of attraction.

About The Gateways ~*~

These four gateways do not have to be taken in any order. You will be attracted to one right away. Trust your heart. They are offered through four week tele-classes in the form of The Midlife Fairy Godmothers School of Re~Enchantment(tm) e-courses, e-books, coaching, and through Midlife Re-Enchantment(tm) support groups all at a very affordable price.


I know all about this first hand…..

**** I received a huge wake up call in midlife. Like many women I fell into the fist half of my life, found myself guided by my “nice self” vs. my “real self”, and paid a dear price for it. I was a super single mom and was diagnosed with chronic illnesses. I was afraid for my life and decided to answer my wake up call through what felt like incredibly self indulgent means.

I took a five year midlife sabbatical to nourish and nurture myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. What it ended up being was a very long vision quest. I completely healed with absolutely no medical interventions….only through using my mind, body, spirit, and nature connection and homeopathy.

What I discovered was that:

** We burn out, not by giving away too much, but by trying to give what we do not yet possess.

** We literally burn out when we dim our own light.

** Our immune system is directly connected to how real we are being with ourselves.

Of course I continue to learn how to be my own Fairy Godmother. I just ended a ten year relationship last fall.


**** MY PASSION HAS BEEN HELPING WOMEN EMPOWER THEMSELVES DURING MY ENTIRE LIFE. Immersed in the self help field for decades, I founded my own personal growth and development business in 1986.  I designed spiritual Women’s Wisdom Retreats (sm) to help women bridge the gap between the physical (nature, body, $, home, career) and the spiritual for ten years before I became ill. I have recently started them back up! I also conducted over 180 firewalking seminars as a firewalking instructor helping women learn how to move through their fears and build self esteem.

**** Before I started my personal growth business, I was a “doula” helping women with their aftercare following homebirths for five years. I was also a certified childbirth education instructor.

Comments from a recent client:

“I have passed your website info on to so many people in the past few weeks, since it seems that there are indeed so many women I know, who are ready to “step into” their life’s work, but hold themselves back in a variety of self-limiting ways. I believe (and now have experienced first hand) the service and support you provide is so very valuable, encouraging, empowering, and inspiring, that more women should be make aware of what you do and how you can help them realize and manifest their dreams. Feel free to use this testimonial if you need to !!!!”

Lori Rotolo
Founder of “Lighten UP!”
A company providing consulting
and workshops to organizations
to Create Joy In The Workplace


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